• Julie Busler


A beautiful mother and wife, whose smile completely lights up the room, sent this to me. Depression does not always present itself the way you might expect. The idea that everyone with depression stays in bed in a dark room and does not shower or take care of themself is false. You never know who might be struggling in your life - be kind.

Depression is not a character flaw or a spiritual disorder. Depression is a real illness that affects both the mind and body. While God can absolutely heal you from depression, sometimes He does not intervene in that way. Sometimes He uses doctors and therapists and medicine as good gifts we are free to access. However, seeking medical help apart from a relationship with Jesus, prayer, and staying in the Word is an incomplete method of fighting mental illness. Faith absolutely helps you see the purpose in your pain, fills you with hope and helps you persevere, but there is no shame in the Christian receiving medical intervention. In fact, the common misconception that more prayer and faith will make depression disappear, often keeps Christians from receiving the help they need. Making the choice to seek help, rather than hide in shame or give up, is actually a step of faith that I applaud.


**update on this woman: since messaging me, she has worked with her doctor to adjust her medication, and is doing so much better!

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