• Julie Busler

Medicine & Jesus

What if we didn’t have to choose a side?

What if medication and faith could work together in the life of a follower of Christ who lives with mental illness?

I believe they can...

Medication is a gift God has provided, but how we respond to this gift reveals the object of our hope. If medication is our savior from the depths of despair and the message you feel compelled to preach, this is crossing over into the territory of idolatry. A deepening of your capacity to seek God as an overflow of medicine’s success should be our goal, not misguided thinking that gives medicine all the glory for your well-being. We can accept the gift with gratefulness and even tell others about treatments that have reduced our suffering, but our hope must be found in Christ alone and He is the message we must spend our lives proclaiming.

Prozac is not a propitiation for our sins

Cymbalta is not a savior of our souls

Lexapro will never love us

May we wisely access the gifts available to us today, but may we also never worship the gift over the Giver.

Our true hope must always be Jesus.

Only Jesus

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