• Julie Busler

Mental Illness & Our Children

He bent down and whispered in my ear how a child at his school took their own life.

Take that in. A child.

It’s complicated in my heart when I hear news of any kind related to suicide. But that’s not the focus of this post.

After my son whispered in my ear, he looked me in the eyes and with sincerity said “I have a new appreciation for what you’re doing, mom. I told people at school you’re writing a book.” His words froze the tornado of emotions swirling inside.

I have dreaded explaining to my children my story and struggles. I have pleaded with God that He would protect them. I’ve feared that I’ve ruined them. I’ve agonized over whether or not sharing my story publicly and writing a book on the matter is just too much; too personal.

But here’s the thing. The son who looked at me with shocked eyes and innocently said awkward, even gut wrenching comments to me when I initially shared my struggles with him in September, looked at me differently today.

Today he looked at me and he saw purpose.

Today he got a glimpse of the dark world that needs to hear of the Light.

Today I felt peace that his momma may be openly weak, but she tries with all her might to depend on her God who is strong.

Today I felt his blessing and camaraderie as I continue sharing hard truth so that even one person may be saved.

There is purpose in your struggles. We don’t have to have it all figured out and be better before we can declare the truth of who Jesus is. We don’t have to follow Him perfectly to bring others along the journey to heaven with us. Our emotions have no ability to diminish the power of the gospel. Broken people see the power of Jesus when they see other broken people walking in wholeness through dependance on Him.

Never forget that your life matters

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