• Julie Busler


Suitable. A few years ago, due to newly diagnosed mental illness and the aftermath that included a difficult journey back from the depths of despair, I was told that I wasn’t suitable for ministry. As if there was a flaw in me that somehow blocked my ability to love others and share Jesus.

I believed them.

With that one word, the confidence I once felt in my capacity to be used by God...vanished. It’s as though they felt that the darkness of my struggle overshadowed the new chapter of survival God had added to my story that was begging to be shared. It has taken a long time for the veil to lift from my eyes, but I can now see with God given clarity. Mental illness doesn’t cancel me from being useful in the Kingdom, but rather increases the very ministry God has given me on this earth.

Broken women aren’t drawn to perfection, they are drawn to the broken woman living in wholeness through a relationship with Christ. To the woman reading this who loves Jesus, but has felt disqualified from His work because of her struggles, grief, trauma, or mental illness, God delights in displaying His power through our humanity. And really, nothing has made me poor in spirit, recognizing my need for God’s help, like mental illness. According to Jesus, that makes me blessed.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.” Matthew‬ ‭5:3
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