• Julie Busler

Thanksgiving is a sacrifice

To sacrifice is to give up something precious. It involves loss. It can be hard, gut wrenching even, and involves surrender. This Thanksgiving, depression’s darkness might be blotting out all joy or perhaps anxiety has your attention fixated on chaos. Someday, all sadness, anxiety, grief, and despondency will pass away. We will be free, and the expectation of that day is hope. The sacrifice of Jesus is the very reason we have the ability to hope.

In depression, we can hope.

In anxiety, we can hope.

In grief, we can hope.

In all suffering, we can hope.

If you still have a pulse,

you have the ability to hope.

If offering thanksgiving feels impossible, thank Him anyway. This beautiful sacrifice of thanksgiving glorifies God in ways nothing else does. Thankfulness is a weapon against the enemy who wants to steal our joy and destroy our faith. Fight back with the resurrection power the One who abolished death has gifted to you.

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