• Julie Busler

Trauma is not your identity

Trauma is hard and triggers are a real. Even faithful followers of Christ are not exempt from the impact trauma has on the human brain.

But PTSD is not a death sentence. Do not believe that trauma has stolen your purpose in life. Even after surviving unthinkable trauma, you can live a fruitful life that is full of His grace and shines with His glory. Even when triggers induce bodily reactions to past events, you can learn that you will survive those dreaded moments of flashbacks and that God will not leave you helpless in them.

“Traumatized” is not your identity. Yes you may have been traumatized, but no matter what you’ve been through, nothing can separate you from His love and take away your identity as a beloved son or daughter.

You are loved, redeemed, created with purpose, a masterpiece, a new creation, a saint, and secure in His hand. Never forget that

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