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joyful sorrow

When Darkness Suffocates,
Look for the Light

Depression and suicide cases are rising at an alarming rate, with suicide being a leading cause of death in the United States. For Christians, particularly those in vocational ministry, the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health often creates an atmosphere of secrecy where the enemy's lies reign. But when science and religion mingle in the recovery of a believer, not only are minds stabilized but true hope is found.

Julie Busler understands the pain of mental illness and has learned that trials not only humanize us but increase our capacity to be used by God. In this book she invites us into her own journey where a mental breakdown took her from being a missionary to a suicidal patient in a Turkish psychiatric hospital. With vulnerability and grace, Julie walks us through how to find help and hope and demonstrates that even in the sorrow of mental illness, joy can coexist.

Breaking Through the Darkness of Mental Illness

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